Patent Registration


What is a Patent?

Patent is a form of legal document awarded to an inventor for their invention, provided with exclusive rights to sell their formulation which dispenses a technical solution for a problem. For a specific period of time. Patent is a form of assurance to safeguard the innovation against illegal operation by rivalries, for the specified duration.

Patent registration is an exclusive right given for specific number of years to the inventor of the product. Genrerally, the protection is granted for a limited period, 20 yrs Patent is a monopoly or exclusive right granted to an inventor by the government to use a particular invention.
Any person who invents any product, process, machinery or other things required Patent Registration .An inventor has right to protect his invention in this global world
A patent application can be drafted and prepared properly only by a patent agent. Thus as far as patent filing and registration in India is concerned it should be done at the hands of patent agents who have associated themselves with different law firms of the country.

Patent Registration in India

The invention must be novel; something which is new in its own kind.

The invention should be non-obvious which means a modest advancement in existing technology would not be taken into consideration for patent.

The invention should help in betterment of society and be legal.


How will A to Z Services Help You in Patent Registration?

It Is To Be Noted That To An Extent The Patent Process Is Complex In Nature And It Is Not Freely Available To Everyone. We At Arj Legal Services With Our Expertise In The Domain Makes The Patent Registration Process Feasible For You.

Drafting of provisional and complete specification

The patent registration process in ...

Drafting a provisional specification

When the invention is in ...


It refers to assigning the ...

Filing patent applications

Drafting a patent right registration ...

Drafting a complete application

Once the invention is complete ...

Prior-Art search

Prior art searching involves browsing ...

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