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Ten digit IEC number allotted by DGFT is a mandatory registration for commercial importers and exporters in India. Apply online and
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What is Importer Exporter Code?

Considering the recent trends in the business sector, a gradual shift of businesses is observed from the local market to the international market. To spread reach and conquer the international market, the import and export activities are undertaken which further requires the Import Export Code.

Import Export Code is a 10 digit unique code allotted to the business entities that allow imports and exports. The code is allotted by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to the applicants. Register for IEC code online comes with one-time registration and lifetime validity. The process for import export code registration has become simpler with online IEC application supported by a few documents.


Benefits of Importer Exporter Code

Global Markets at Fingertips

Unless the entity holds IEC, it is not allowed to import ...

Government benefits

The importers and exporters are eligible to benefit from many Government ...

Simple Processing

The complete process of applying for importer exporter code is simple ...


Once the import-export code is obtained, there is no adaptational formalities. ...

Online Registration

Documents Required for Online Import Export Code Registration

PAN Card

A scanned copy of a PAN card of the applicant or the ...

Address Proof

Sale Deed/ Rent Agreement/ Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill in name of ...

PAN card of Director or Partner

For a company/partnership, PAN card of the Director/Partner is a must

Certificate of Registration

Entity should provide the registration certificate with MoA- AoA / LLP Agreement, ...

Cancelled Cheque

A cancelled cheque of current account bearing entity’s pre-printed name or Bank ...

When is IEC Code Required?

Manufacturing And Service Entities Falling Under Given Classification Can Obtain The Registration

For Import and Export of Goods from India
For Import and Export of Services from India
To clear the shipment while making an Import or Export

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Process of Generating e-Way Bill


  • Provide Required Documents


  • Drafting and preparation of Application


  • Filing of online IEC Code registration application with DGFT
  • Government processing time

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Importer Exporter Code Registration

The IEC registration is required under the following circumstances:
  • It is a pre-requisite for any entity planning to engage in the business of import and export from India.
  • In case of service or technology, if the provider is taking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, then the IE code registration is mandatory for them.

No. Import Export Code registration is not compulsory for the below-mentioned activities:

  • If the import or export of goods is done for the personal use.
  • If the import or export is carried out by any Government Ministry or department or a notified charitable organization.
  • Any other category mentioned or defined by the DGFT.

Any individual involved in the import and export of goods or services for the purpose of conducting business can make IE Code application. They can obtain the IE code by filing an online application accompanied with required documents. In case the person does not have a current account for the business, he/she may provide cancelled cheque of the savings account for the purpose of filing IE code application.

No, w.e.f. 09.08.2018, DGFT has integrated PAN web service of CBDT with the server; therefore PAN card is not required to be uploaded. However, for the purpose of filing an application, the copy of the PAN card is required to be submitted to the team.

The Import Export Code comes with a lifelong validity unless the same is withdrawn or surrendered. Once the applicant receives the IE Code, there is no need to re-register as it is a perpetual registration.

No, there is no requirement to make a separate application for different places of business. This is a PAN based registration. Hence, the single registration will be valid for all the businesses and branch under the same entity.

Only a single IEC can be issued against a single PAN card. If at all more than one IEC is issued then it has to be surrendered to the regional office.

No, there is no penalty however, the import or export is not possible without IE code.

Import Export code is allotted with lifetime validity and therefore it does not require any renewal.

No, there is no compliance to be fulfilled after the import-export license registration is obtained.

Yes, the IEC information can be modified by providing all the necessary documents even after the code is issued.

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